Sean has been involved in the disability field for the last 10+ years and has a passion to see disability and aged care services improved. He attributes his career success to having credibility, his attitude in general, being reliable, enthusiasm for any role he takes on and being responsible.


During his years of employment in the Disability and Aged Care sector he has found that organisations often forget their employees should come first, not their clients. Once established, they are then able to provide quality services to their clients by demonstrating a professional and reliable work base. It is so important that Support Workers and Carers obtain a clear understanding of their role through a concise and consistent message. This not only helps to increase workplace productivity but also results in less staff turnover.


An experienced trainer, he feels very strongly that employers need to dictate the training and trainers work to what employers require as opposed to guessing. People coming into the Disability and Aged Care Sector are often thrown to the wolves as often the in-house training and entry certificates are inadequate. Sure, they obtain the tools to work but they are not clearly told of what to expect, especially in dealing with extreme and complex behaviours. People of a cultural background often find this frustrating and intimidating with no one to turn to.


Sean is committed in ensuring that the elderly and people with disabilities have their rights respected by providing a dedicated advocacy service. This service is based on integrity and commitment to accomplish what it is his clients’ require to continue a fulfilling life.


Through consultancy, Sean also works in a close and thoughtful relationship with employers. Effectively communicating value in his clients’ services, they then have more time to focus on increasing productivity.


In his spare time Sean enjoys most sports. He successfully coached Netball at both junior and senior levels for 24 years and is proud to be a 13 times premiership coach. He also enjoys travelling and trekking.